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Hanover County Sheriff's Office SHIELD Registration Form

  1. A mobile number is required to receive text alerts.
  2. Which SHIELD Program best describes your partnership with the Hanover County Sheriff's Office?
  3. Please provide the name of the Organization/Business/Church/Neighborhood you are affiliated with below. If not applicable please enter N/A.  Thank you.

  4. Camera Survey (optional)
    Does your property have a security camera? If yes, please complete the information below. This information can assist the Sheriff's Office in solving crimes more quickly in your community. **Providing this information is completely voluntary and by providing this information you WILL NOT be giving the Sheriff's Office access to your cameras. You will simply be letting us know the cameras exist so that we can reach out to you if a crime happens in your area.
  5. Enter the name of the person whom investigators will contact.
  6. Enter the phone number of the primary contact.
  7. Enter the email address of the primary contact.
  8. Enter the address of the security device.
  9. Camera Location
    Check the boxes of where the camera(s) can see.
  10. Share Security Device Location
    By checking this box, you agree to share your security device's location with the Hanover County Sheriff's Office and understand that you may be contacted in the future by the Hanover County Sheriff's Office if needed. This DOES NOT give the Hanover County Sheriff's Office access to your security device, only it's location.
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