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As part of the Metro Richmond area, a hub for travel in Virginia and close to the Washington D.C area, Hanover County is not isolated from potential regional, state, national and even international acts of crime or terror. We have seen and experienced firsthand acts of domestic terror and know what to expect and how to respond when the nation is watching.
Hanover County has been the location of events attracting national attention such as the domestic act of terror carried out by the beltway sniper and the massive search and rescue operation for a missing autistic child. We also recognize that crime trends expand beyond the borders of Hanover County.
As we respond to these types events, we must continue to do so as a community working together. Partnerships have always been the key to the success of our Hanover community and will continue to be in the future.
The HCSO SHIELD program serves as a platform to highlight this culture of community partnerships and provide an information sharing network that surpasses the borders of Hanover County.

What We Do

Increase your awareness of crime activity through a partnership and information sharing process.
HCSO SHIELD keeps its partners informed of upcoming events, new intelligence and crime information developing in Hanover County as well as identified events abroad.
Information is researched and transmitted directly to our partners by one of several methods:
  • Presentations and briefings
  • E-mail alert messages
  • Activity postings via email
  • SHIELD conferences

SHIELD video

Contact Us

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    To join SHIELD:

    Click here to register and join SHIELD.

    For more information, contact the Sheriff's Office at 804-365-6110 or email us at  SHIELD@hanovercounty.gov.

    To report Suspicious Activity:

    • Emergency - Dial 911
    • Non-Emergency - Call 804-365-6140
    • Other non-emergency information can be sent by email to SHIELD@hanovercounty.gov or you can call 804-365-6110.

What We Ask

The HCSO SHIELD program is a communication two-way street. The key to success is information flowing in two directions. Community partners serve as the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Office and serve to directly impact efforts to prevent crime and acts of terrorism by reporting suspicious behavior as soon as possible.
In addition, we recognize that our community partners are uniquely qualified to assist Sheriff’s Office personnel during an incident. You know what belongs and what is out of place. Sharing your perspective and working together, we are better prepared to face the most difficult challenges.

Getting Started

The process for connecting with the SHIELD program is a simple one. Follow the steps below to begin:
     1. Click here to register.
     2. Select a coordinator for your group or organization, if applicable.
     3. Participate in a SHIELD training session.
     4. Working with the Sheriff’s Office, develop mechanisms for sharing information.

Why Join SHIELD?

We have a shared responsibility to provide for the safety and security of our community. Your Sheriff’s Office serves as the tool to accomplish this task; however, only by partnering together can we achieve success.
As a member of the SHIELD program, you will have an opportunity to take an active role in helping to make Hanover a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.

Benefits of SHIELD

  • Designated Sheriff’s Office personnel to serve as liaisons with program partners.
  • Provide partners with up-to-date electronic notices about community crime trends and identified terrorist events.
  • Informative conferences to ensure updated information and training opportunities.
  • Identify and create opportunities for networking of resources in times of community need.
  • Provide materials and resources to educate partners on areas of public safety and security.


  • SHIELD was created in partnership with NYPD Shield and reaches beyond the borders of Hanover County to keep our community partners informed.
  • SHIELD is a force multiplier that significantly increases the effectiveness of the Sheriff’s Office crime prevention and terrorism efforts through community partnerships and information sharing.
  • SHIELD provides community organizations with information on emerging crime trends, community events and evolving terrorist threats that may impact Hanover County.
  • SHIELD is the central destination for community organizations to obtain information and engage Sheriff’s Office resources.