Internet Privacy Policy Statement

The County respects your privacy. The information below is intended to explain how the County gathers information on this website and the technology the County uses to ensure that your information is private and secure. This privacy policy statement is intended to be in compliance with Virginia Code Section 2.2-3803.

Collecting Information
Information Collected
The County collects non-personal data like:
  • IP addresses, browser types, referring pages, the number of visits, the pages on this website to which you link during a visit.
The information listed above is collected automatically when you access the County's website. This site does not automatically collect personal information about you.

If you choose to log on to any of the Hanover e-Gov Online Services, this website may place a cookie on your computer. These online applications do use cookies to pass session IDs from the server to the end user's PC. Since these cookies are only used for the current session, they exist on the end user's PC as memory objects only. We have found no instance where these memory cookies have been stored outside of memory (on the hard disk drive, etc.). Therefore, while cookies must be enabled to create a session (to log in), no cookies are stored on your PC. These session cookies collect no sensitive information and the data that is collected is not retained.

How Collected Information is Used
The County analyzes the website activity by tracking visitor movements through the site. Each computer on the Internet has an IP address. We use IP addresses to track the number of visits to the County's website, and to identify the most popular pages. Analyzing this information helps us improve the performance and value of the materials available on this website.

At some point you may wish to contact the County via email. The information that you provide in such an email message is used solely to fulfill your online request. The County does not share, sell, or trade any information collected on this website.

Providing External Links
The County provides some links on this website that lead to resources outside the County's website. The County is not responsible for the privacy practices of the sites to which we link. When a link on the County's website directs you to a 3rd party's site, the County encourages you to read that 3rd party's privacy statement to learn of that party's privacy practices.

Ensuring Confidentiality
The County utilizes a system of hardware and software known as a "firewall" to regulate information that can enter and exit the County's web server(s). This ensures that only authorized access occurs and that information remains confidential.

Sending Your Comments
If you have questions regarding this privacy statement, the practices of the County's website, or your interaction with the County's website please email the Web Administrator.