Physical Requirements

As a requirement for the position of Patrol Deputy, all candidates must complete a physical agility test. The agility test is designed to evaluate the candidate's ability to perform specific job-related duties, which are assessed in an obstacle course. All obstacles must be completed in sequence to complete the test successfully.  Applicants must complete the course in 1 minute and 30 seconds to advance to the next phase of the hiring process.  Applicants who fail an obstacle or exceed the required time will be provided with 15 minutes of rest and one additional opportunity to rerun the course. 

Click the image below to view a video of the Occupational Simulation Course (OSC).

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The officer is seated in a chair at the beginning of the course and given a suspect description.  When the fitness leader says “go” the time starts the course.

  • Run 75 feet

1) CULVERT (3 feet) The first obstacle is a 3-foot culvert, which is simulated by 2 pieces of tape on the floor marking a distance of three feet. Participants must clear both ends of the tape (both on the approach of and departure from the obstacle).  

  • Run 73 feet

2) 5-FOOT WALL The second obstacle is a wooden wall five-foot in height.  Participants are required to negotiate the wall in a safe and controlled manner.

  • Run 30 feet

3) LOW CRAWL (10 feet) The third obstacle is the low crawl. Participants must crawl under the obstacle that is 24 inches high and 10 feet long without knocking down any rods or cones.     

  • Run 75 feet

4) AEROBIC STEP The fourth obstacle in the series is the aerobic step.  This event simulates having to run up a flight of stairs.  The participant is required to perform 12 step cycles on the step (up/up, down/down).  

  • Run 44 feet

5) WINDOW The participant must climb through an opening that is 36 inches wide by 30 inches high.   The opening is located approximately 36 inches above the ground.  

  • Run 30 feet

6) SUSPECT ID The participant must next identify a suspect based on the suspect description provided to the participant before they started the course.  

  • Run 45 feet

7) DUMMY DRAG (15 feet) After the suspect identification, the participant must pull a 165-pound dummy, 5 yards/15 feet.  

  • Run 60 feet

8) TRIGGER SQUEEZE Once the participant has completed the “dummy drag” they come to the last event; the trigger pull.  The trigger pull is performed using a steel (or any other metallic material) ring that is 6 inches in diameter. The participant will acquire the weapon from beside the obstacle (from a table or chair) and to fully insert the muzzle of the weapon into the ring.  The officer is to hold the weapon with one hand and squeeze the trigger once with their dominant hand and once with their non-dominant hand without touching the ring.   


 Applicants must successfully complete the course in 1 minute and 30 seconds.