Investigative Operations

Investigative Operations is comprised of 3 individual units:
These operations strive to increase the clearance rate of major Part I offenses. A Captain is assigned as officer-in-charge of all units assigned to the Investigative Division.

General Investigations
General Investigations is comprised of investigators who are extensively trained in all aspects of criminal investigations. Some of the investigators have received special training involving computer crimes, domestic assaults and sexual assaults on children. Criminal activities which are assigned to investigators involve crimes against persons and property, commercial and residential breaking and entering, larcenies, robberies, rapes, murders, white collar crimes, computer crimes and child abuse. Areas of specialization include:
  • Computer Crimes
  • Crime Scene Forensics
  • Domestic Violence
  • Financial Crimes
  • Fingerprint Analysis
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Sexual Abuse
Helpful Downloads Street Crimes
Created in 1994, the Street Crimes Unit is responsible for conducting covert surveillance and intelligence gathering operations in a variety of environments. Their primary function is to support the investigative efforts of the General Investigations Unit in an order to bring cases to a positive and swift resolution, thereby solving crime more intelligently and effectively. Additionally, the unit is responsible for locating and apprehending some of the agencies most elusive fugitives, as well as repeat offenders. The Street Crimes Unit is comprised of a Sergeant and a group of investigators.

The Vice/Narcotic Unit identifies and investigates those persons who are involved with gambling or other vice offenses and those persons who are involved in narcotics activity within the county. The unit also works in conjunction with other departmental investigative units as well as units in surrounding agencies. Suspects are targeted and investigated resulting in a greatly improved arrest rate. The utilization of a computerized database tracking system and other technical equipment has proven to be invaluable investigative tools to the Vice/Narcotics investigators.