Court Services

The Court Services Unit is supervised by a Captain, Lieutenant and 3 Sergeants, and is comprised of 25 Deputy Sheriff's and an administrative assistant.

Court Security
The Court Services Unit provides essential security functions that provide for the personal safety and security of judicial personnel, attorneys, jurors and the public who enter the courthouses and the complex. Our deputies are responsible for care, control and movement of jurors during all jury trials. Our deputies provide security for all six Hanover courtrooms: Circuit, General District and Juvenile and Domestic Relations.

Hanover Courthouse - Then and Now 2016 2

Civil Process

The Court Services Unit is responsible for all
civil process. Duties for civil process services include, but are not limited to, warrant in debts, warrant in detinues, subpoenas, criminal and civil show causes, levies, enforcement of court orders, legal papers, documents and the execution of judgments as well as protective orders when the parties are present in court. The unit also serves DMV notices, bills of complaint and other notices. Deputies are also responsible for the execution of evictions as well as the safety of all involved.


The Court Services Unit is responsible for
the transportation of prisoners to and from courts, jails and surrounding jurisdictions. Deputies transport prisoners to and from court from federal institutions and mental health facilities and are responsible for extraditions of prisoners from anywhere in the country.  The unit transports juvenile prisoners to and from courts, detention facilities and surrounding jurisdictions. Deputies also transport mental subjects to any hospital or facility located in Virginia, when a Temporary Detention Order has been issued.